Gallery of Theorists

Over the years I’ve written many posts on literary and cultural theorists. This page brings them all together in what I like to think of as a rogues’ gallery of theorists and their theories.


General Theory

Critical Theory:  A Life

The Project of Identity  (Sartrean Existentialism, Lacan and Zizek)

What Do Critics Do All Day?


Roland Barthes

Reading Workshop I

Reading Workshop III

Authorial Intention

The Photograph


Julia Kristeva

Hitting The Spot

The Sight of Blood


Jacques Lacan

Through the Looking Glass

Adventures Through the Looking Glass


Michel Foucault

On Focus



Jacques Derrida

Derrida for Dummies


Sigmund Freud

My Significant Authors: Freud

Trust   (with Neville Symington)

How the Past Matters

On Solitude and Society

The Uncanny


Jean Baudrillard

On Jean Baudrillard


Georges Bataille

When Librarians Turn Bad

Trouble Shared


Slavoj Žižek

Lady Audley’s Secret

Agatha Christie and Guilt


F. R. Leavis

The Value of the Arts

The Grumpy Critic



My Thoughts on the Gender Debate

Women’s Writing; Some Issues, Old and New

Muriel Spark and Motherhood

The Gender Agenda

Women’s History Month

On Simone de Beauvoir

Yin and Yang



What is Existentialism?

The Power of Words

A Golden Age

Narrative Expectations

Existentialists in Love

The Precious Things



Marilyn and the Therapists

Harpoons and Horcruxes

A Dangerous Method

On Psychoanalysis

Thinking about Dreams



What is Postmodernism?

7 thoughts on “Gallery of Theorists

  1. Hi could you possibly do a summary of Bakhtin’s Carnivalesque concept, I’ve found your gallery of Theorists very useful in understanding many literary theories and would love for you to write one on him!

    • I wish I could! I don’t know very much about Carnivalesque, I regret to say. But if it should come up in a book I’m reading, I will definitely write something with you in mind!

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