New at Numéro Cinq

Way back in January I had a properly wonderful experience. I went to the studios of two very talented women: the painter, Miranda Boulton, and the poet, Kaddy Benyon, and spoke with them about their creativity.

The results were fascinating. Two amazing artists with two perspectives on creativity that could hardly be more different. We spoke about fear and anxiety, about process and productivity, about inspiration past and present, and about the roads their careers had taken them down.

The interviews are now up at Numéro Cinq and I think they’re both reassuring and encouraging for anyone who wants to live a creative life or simply explore their own relationship to art.

10 thoughts on “New at Numéro Cinq

    • Honestly the two of them were just amazing in their honesty and generosity. I felt I learned a lot! And yes, Kaddy’s route into poetry is totally unguessable, isn’t it! 🙂

      • Both of them have two children under 11, and both said that motherhood had actually been a very creative and focused time. This was such a refreshing thing to hear! I had to chop out some parts of our chats for reasons of space, so Kaddy’s motherhood comments didn’t make it in, but they were very close to Miranda’s.

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