Shiny 12!


Yes, it’s that time again – the latest edition of Shiny is available here.

Thanks to my eye issues, I haven’t got many reviews in this one, and the books I have reviewed were read out loud to me by Mr Litlove. There’s dedication to a cause. Fortunately we really enjoyed them all.

There’s the new novel by Ann Patchett, Commonwealth.

A very funny debut novel about university students and the philosophies of Nietzsche, Confidence.

And a classic boo-boo on my part, a non-fiction title that we had already reviewed in an earlier Shiny, duh, that I’ll post on this blog next.

Do go over and browse all the reviews and features available.




5 thoughts on “Shiny 12!

  1. Dearest Litlove,

    this must be so hard for you. I send you lots of love and hugs and hope there are perhaps some compensations – autumn walks, a different kind of thinking time? and certainly renewed appreciation of your husband!

    I look forward to reading the new Shiny. And have I told you how much I loved your essay on Modiano in Numero Cinq? – still thinking about it; quality is much more important than quantity.


    • Oh Jean, you are a darling. Thank you for the hugs and the very kind words. I do get a different kind of thinking time – and plenty of it! But it is a luxury and I when I get to write something, I am much more prepared for it. I’m currently seeing an eye specialist and taking medication. As always, the recovery process is much slower than I hoped, but I AM getting some help now. Cross your fingers I’ll be able to do more soon. xxx

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