Shiny 11 is out!

Yes, a new edition of Shiny is always a cause for celebration, so, pop your slippers on, get into a comfy chair with snacks to hand and turn your mobile off. The palace of bookish delights awaits you!

SNB-logoClearly, I am in a frivolous mood today.

Okay, so I wrote quite a few reviews for this edition, so let me give you a guiding hand towards a selection of them:

A novel about the sort of topic I might usually avoid as not being ‘my thing’, but which went straight onto my best of the year list.

A brand new heroine of cozy crime, the widow of an Archdeacon, who offers the utmost discretion to her clients in a wonderfully redolent Victorian setting.

The long-withheld novel by a properly famous American cookery writer that has now been published posthumously.

A debut author whose completely gripping novel is set in a Hopperish 60s America and is based on a true story.

A charming, thoughtful, clever novel translated from the German about the friendship between Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill.

A memoir that won the National Book Critics’ Circle award this year about a life spent as part of the black Chicago elite in the 1950s.

We had a lot of fun with our latest ‘Eds Discuss….’ piece, this time thinking about the books we’d read by European authors.

And finally, I put together a Brexit reading list, covering all sorts of fiction and non-fiction that sheds a little light on our current situation.


Hope very much you enjoy!



7 thoughts on “Shiny 11 is out!

  1. I enjoyed the interview, Victoria, including the bit where you spoke of French films. A movie reviewer I like recently extolled a French movie where “nothing much happens.” It made me think of you and your preference for French cinema over Hollywood explosiveness and smile.

  2. Hi Victoria. Hope you’re well and that your absence is explained by lots of leisurely reading rather than anything else. Thanks to you and the Shiny team for book recommendations – I’ve added a few to the list ahead of upcoming birthdays. 🙂

    • Hello dear Pete! Alas, I’ve had trouble with my eyes again, which has meant another lengthy break (and no reading!!). I’ve been to an eye specialist now and am finally on medication. So I do hope to be back in the saddle soon. Missing you all!

      • Oh no! How frustrating for you. Maybe it’s time to invest in some text-to-speech software. I use it when my eyes are tired and it’s not bad. Otherwise audiobooks I guess. Best wishes to you and Mr L. xx

      • Maybe it is time for that! I’ve always been afraid of that sort of software, but at this rate, it might prove invaluable… You are right I have listened to a lot of audio books. I’m a tiny fraction of the way into The Count of Monte Cristo, which is a whopping 50 hours! I started it when feeling pessimistic one day…

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