Want To See What Mr Litlove’s Been Doing?

I have been longing to show you the new desk that Mr Litlove has been making me, and for several weeks it’s been almost there but not quite. Now he has finished it and I hope you’ll agree with me that it is a most beautiful beast. It’s his own design, using maple and burr oak veneer panels. You might also be able to see the fine black inlay that surrounds each of the top panels.



This shot from a slightly different angle shows you the curved supports on the side. Mr Litlove had a lot of trouble photographing it because we lack a big enough, plain space against which to display it. The glossy sheen finish also has a tendency to reflect things! But I wanted a good solid varnish so that I wouldn’t be afraid of marking it every time I use it. As it is, I fear I may just end up on my knees before it saying ‘I am not worthy!’


A little run-through of some of the other pieces he’s made so far. He’s made this music case for our dear friend, Dark Puss. Same materials as my desk.


And this is how it looks on the inside – though since this photo was taken, he’s added supports for flute and sheet music.


He’s nearly finished this coffee table for my hairdresser’s salon. The salon has a very attractive logo: a circle of scissors that looks like a flower. He decided he would inscribe it on top of the table and went to a friend who has a factory with the capacity to cut with either lasers or CNC.


He took a variety of wood samples with him and then tried out a variety of finishes. The results were so cute that he thought he’d make a set of coasters to accompany the table.


You may remember a couple of months back Mr Litlove went to Devon on a chair-making course in the workshop of David Savage (who is well-known in furniture-making circles). This is the chair he made, a much more contemporary design than he’d attempted before (a design from the workshop, not Mr Litlove’s), and using his new upholstery skills he added a slip seat in bright green faux-leather. He called it the Kermit Chair, and when he sent photos back to the workshop, they liked the idea so much that they said they’d try to persuade the other guy who made a chair alongside Mr L. to use bright pink faux-leather and call it a Miss Piggy. Given the guy was ex-forces and living in a two-man tent for a year while on his course, Mr Litlove didn’t fancy their chances.


And this is one of the first chairs that he made after leaving his old job. This is a Sheraton chair in mahogany and he has also upholstered it himself.  We really love its classic lines.


He’s now moving on to making ergonomic chairs. This is something he’s been thinking about for a while: how to make a comfortable, bespoke chair that’s positively good for your posture and helps those with sore backs. He’ll try it out with ordinary chairs and a desk chair, but first of all, he says he’s going to make me an ergonomic rocking chair. Yay!!

In case you’re wondering, we agreed that he would take a year to practice his skills and design pieces that he would be happy to make professionally. When we get to October he’ll have to decide how he wants to move forward – and I guess we’ll have to see what Brexit Britain looks like by that time.




31 thoughts on “Want To See What Mr Litlove’s Been Doing?

  1. Victoria, Mr Litlove, that desk is amazing! Well done. The other things are great too and Kermit is inspired! ….

  2. Oh those are completely beautiful. What a talent he has! It must feel so wonderful to sit at a desk that has been custom made for you (once you’ve got past the feelings of unworthiness and can actually use it to work at!)

  3. Fantastic. Please do let us know once he starts taking commissions. I would definitely be in the market for an ergonomic desk chair.

  4. Sensational! I had the mind to make myself an easel until I recently got back into full-time work. Now I’m not sure I have the time to use one, let alone make one! But wood is a beautiful material to work with. Mr Litlove does it a justice that us mere DIYers can only prostrate before.

    • I completely agree, BUT how many people do you know who would actually pay the appropriate price to enable him to do so years in year out? Making a reasonable living in the arts (and crafts) is incredibly difficult. I am so glad in that respect that I make income from physics.

  5. Wow! I think I would never be able to leave anything on that desk. I’d need Mr. Litlove to make me a traveling supply case to put everything away in so as not to clutter to surface. And all his other work, gorgeous!

  6. That desk is absolutely gorgeous.
    I am a fan of pretty desks, in general, and have a gorgeous one of my own that is an antique Chinese traveling desk. My parents had it for a while, and they kept it polished and empty, sort of a show piece. I use it, and have books and papers piled all over it. It’s lovely both ways–I think it looks well-loved my way.

  7. Such gloriously beautiful work – and such a relief from all the Brexit / Government shenanigans! So peaceful to look at; so – I imagine – peaceful to work at for you LitLove … and possibly, for Mr LitLove, peaceful to work with ? (Although, as we know, creativity flows from a not-always-easy-or-willing muse. But she’s always worth pursuing … .)

  8. Thank you so much, dear friends, for your wonderful comments! Mr Litlove has been poorly this past week and it’s been immensely cheering for him to read your thoughts. And hugely encouraging, too. Thank you!

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