And Finally, Some Reviews

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been (though I expect you have much better things to think about), then a partial answer is: writing for Shiny.

SNB-logoYes! Shiny New Books, issue 10, is live today. It’s full of the usual stock of bookish goodies, lots of reviews, features and interviews, and these are the books I’ve personally recommended:

A clever and compelling novel about a troubled marriage.

A classic novel that I doubt anyone has read.

A non-fiction account of a profession that’s had a lot of bad press.

A brilliant piece of shrink-lit.

A literary novel that won me over, even though it wasn’t the sort of thing I like best.

And please do check out the BookBuzz section, which includes special features by our friends, Elle and Arti Ripples.



6 thoughts on “And Finally, Some Reviews

  1. You’re back! And encouraging me to fall down the SNB rabbit hole with those tantalising links. Fortunately the baby’s already in bed! (The Liebermann and the Balchin sound perfect for my reading cravings at the moment)

    • I’m sort of back… I don’t seem very good at commitment to blogging lately… but I am indeed encouraging you down the SNB rabbit hole! 🙂 Love that way of putting it. Would love to know what you think of anything you read.

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