Gabriel Josipovici Interview

gabriel-josipoviciI had the pleasure and privilege of interviewing Gabriel Josipovici for Numero Cinq magazine; what came out of the weeks we spoke together was a profound, moving meditation on the life of an artist. Josipovici has not had things easy, facing almost a critical vendetta against his works. He’s never really had the renown that he deserves, either. If you haven’t read him, I suggest you start where I did, with the short novel, Everything Passes.

Or of course you could begin with our interview, which you can find here.

11 thoughts on “Gabriel Josipovici Interview

  1. I’ve only ever heard of Josipovici here on your blog, so that says something about his not being as well know as he perhaps should be. Off to check out the interview! 🙂

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  3. What a superb interview! You led this wonderful writer to write wonderfully here about his life and thought and work. I’m off to read some more of Josipovici, having read a couple of things on your recommendations and liked them very much.

  4. 100 years ago when I could afford to subscribe to the TLS I read this in a review by Gabriel Josipovici: ‘The goal of all art is to illuminate what it means to be a human being.’ I was so inspired by that and am now enormously inspired by your interview: both your questions and GJ’s responses. And I wonder: do you think you might be the person to write the book about the physical effects of fiction? When he mentioned CFS, did he know about you? It seems to me to be too much of a coincidence to ignore … .

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