21 Years Ago Today

….this happened:

Wedding day2

We were very young. We knew nothing. But goodness, did I have a lovely frock and some pretty flowers!


36 thoughts on “21 Years Ago Today

    • We went away – just briefly! – to Stamford which is a very lovely town not that far away. It features on lots of costume dramas as it’s all unspoilt 18th century architecture. We had a lovely time!

  1. The Bears are not that impressed by the dress or the flowers, they want to know if you had CAKE? They are going to have CAKE this afternoon in your honour (or so they say!).

  2. Yes, HAPPY Anniversary. Twenty one years, eh? Just beginners then. Should be lots of great things to come! As a gardener I think the flowers are terrific. I can grow them, but forget anything to do with their arrangement.

    • You certainly can. We were married in the chapel of Jesus College, Cambridge, where we met as undergrads. I’d just begun my M.Phil there (and would go on to do my PhD there). It was the only consecrated ground we felt any real affinity for! Your idea of Mr Litlove as a brunette has been giving me many a fit of the giggles! Wonderful!

  3. Dear friends – thank you SO much for all your adorable comments. It’s been a real treat for both of us to read them, and for my mum and dad who follow the blog and organised the day for us. Thank you for sharing it with us all over again. We had a brief break in Stamford, a little under an hour up the road from us and I can warmly recommend it as a gorgeous place to stay. It’s outrageously pretty and full of 18th century architecture – a sort of mini-Bath. And they looked after us so well that I’ll also mention we stayed at The Crown, which had the best hotel room I’ve enjoyed in a while and lovely food. Perhaps if I’m good for another year, Mr Litlove will take me there again!

  4. I’m so late, I’m so behind with reading blogs, but I wanted to add my congratulations to you both! The photograph is beautiful, as are both of you. πŸ™‚

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