Issue 2 Is Out!

Yes, our second, summery edition of Shiny New Books is live today!


I learned one or two intriguing things over the past few months:

1. It is possible to say ‘yes, please’ to too many books.

2. I was surprised by how hard it is to judge books from their blurbs. This shouldn’t have come as a shock, but still, the books I put off for a bit, uncertain whether I’d like them or not, turned out to be without fail the most amazing of all.

3. I have outrageously talented blog friends: take a bow Jodie, Susan, Andrew, Danielle (and again), Tom, Rowland, Helen, Jean, Denise, Karen H, Karen L. and Max.

4. The best way to spot typos is to read over Mr Litlove’s shoulder, having said something like: ‘This is fantastic, you must come and read this!’ I am thinking of hiring him out to others in need of such an invaluable service.

As ever, we’ve had a fabulous time putting it together. A big cheer please for Annabel, Harriet and Simon, who did all the difficult stuff while I drowned slowly in review copies! Do go over and have a look at the wonderful reviews and features on offer. Last time, we had over 14,000 hits in our first week, and it would be great to better that….


10 thoughts on “Issue 2 Is Out!

  1. Haha (re blurbs) – you may have seen me (and others) discussing those on SIAB recently. I think the majority of those commenting were agin them!

    Well done to all of you on the SNB team!

  2. Very exciting (and thanks for the mention!) Trouble is, I come away with a huge long list of new books I want to read…

  3. Judging a book by its blurb is almost as bad as judging by its cover!
    I love Annabel’s review of Tigerman, not least because it echoes some of mine (although Graham Greene is an obvious comparison).

  4. When I look at the list of who’s done what, you have written a huge number of reviews and all those articles which are even harder to write than a review I think. It’s a wonderful thing, and I’m looking forward our August inbetweeny now (ha ha!) Actually I have quite a few to go into that. Congrats to us and all our contributors.

  5. Congrats! It’s a fascinating issue, with lots to read – I’ve checked out a few pieces, but have lots more to go. Must have been a busy time, but it’s good to hear that you had fun doing it!

  6. Kind of you to put me together with those who did the “difficult stuff” — but really that was Simon and Annabel. And you did more reading and writing than any of us, so no more false modesty, please. In fact we all did a great job in our ways and I so second your praise of our wonderful reviewers.

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