Finally, I Can Tell You

There have been good and bad reasons why I’ve been so quiet in the blogworld lately, and finally I can tell you about the good reason.SNB-logo-small-e1393871908245I’ve been involved in getting a new online review magazine off the ground, and on Monday 7th April, Shiny New Books will be going live, ready to tell you what to read next and why.

When we first began thinking about the magazine, we thought there was an absence of a) places that brought lots of book bloggers together and b) nowhere that you could read up on all the latest releases that you see all the time in book shops and libraries, without knowing if they are any good or not.

So we decided to publish a quarterly magazine (covering new books out from January to the start of April in the first edition) and have picked only those to review that we loved, enjoyed and were entertained by. We’re based on UK publication dates, but the book world is so globalised these days that they aren’t so very different to anywhere else.

The first edition carries over 70 reviews, features, interviews, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of writing and publishing. We’re covering as wide a range of books as we can, and as wide a range of publishers too. There’s also going to be some pretty fantastic competitions (I want the prize myself for the first one). The only thing we’re not doing is supporting amazon.

The editors behind Shiny New Books are all bloggers you will probably know – Annabel, Simon, Harriet and me. But we couldn’t have done it without the fabulous bloggers who also contributed reviews – a huge thanks to them. We’ll be looking for more bloggers to write for us, because we also want to make the magazine a showcase of the best book writing on the blogosphere.

So, do sign up for our newsletter, which will alert you to each edition when it appears. We’ll have a mini-issue in May with additional reviews, and the email newsletter will be monthly-ish with competitions and discussion threads and all sorts of booky goodness. To sign up, do visit Shiny New Books, or like our facebook page, or twitter feed.

It’s been a really rocky few months chez Litlove, and I have been pretty thankful at times to have such fine distraction as looking at the nth version of a logo, deciding how to organize menu bars and figuring out possible channels for publicity. I’m here to tell you that nothing focuses the mind like a pile of seven books that need to be read and reviewed to a deadline. I must say a big thank you to the other editors, too, who have been a joy to work with, and not nagged me once for being a bit scatterbrained at times There was one big boo-boo that I made, but I’ll tell you about that next Monday when we launch.

57 thoughts on “Finally, I Can Tell You

  1. This is thrilling … I’ve already looked at the not-yet-live website and can’t wait to see it live. And I’m also so very glad that all your Shiny New Books planning has helped you through the last few rocky months. And oh my goodness how tantalising about your boo-boo … I’m agog (such an odd word!)

    • Thank YOU so much for being one of the contributors in our first edition, and with such a fabulous article. It is very exciting to be this close to going live…. Heh, I will admit all on Monday, though I doubt very much it will be the last mistake I’ll have to admit to! 😉

    • Don’t! It was incredibly hard to keep zippered up about it! So glad you are a subscriber, dear Charlotte. May we hope for a copy of your novel when the English edition comes out???

    • We’re definitely trying to get as broad a range of books covered as possible. Not that I know so very many bloggers who read science non-fiction. Very happy to hear from anyone (and glad to know that you’ll be helping us out, DP) who is keen to read and review in this area.

  2. So we have a Dark Horse, now, as well as a Dark Puss! This is very exciting and the website already looks beautiful, with some very ‘Litlove’ inspired touches. Many congratulations and I shall dip in when time allows with great interest!

    • Heh, YOU worry about keeping up… I’ve already got a pile of eight books to read for the second edition. Can’t really complain about something like that, though!

  3. It looks fabulous, I can barely contain myself. You must all have worked like dogs… Sorry you’ve been having a rough time otherwise, I hope things are improving.

    • I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are part of our team, dear Helen. I don’t dare comment on how we are doing for fear of attracting hubris if I say things are better, or sounding too dreary for words if I say they aren’t. I am doing my best to remain philosophical at all times, that being said!

  4. How exciting! The site looks lovely even in its tantalizingly empty state: I’m sure it will be irresistible once it’s all full up. Good luck with this big venture, all of you!

  5. Such exciting news for your blogging fans!! And glad to hear it’s been a solace during challenging times
    always up for some positive energy myself!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, Ana! It’s been a lot of fun to put together. Can’t quite believe we’re about to start all over with issue 2… but as we get more practised, it will become easier (I hope!).

  6. Congratulations, LItlove! This is thrilling news indeed! I am anxious to see the new magazine, and the reviews, etc. What a fun idea, and yes, needed – a place to find reviews of books. Well done to everyone!

  7. Congratulations! I look forward to reading the magazine. With such an esteemed group putting it all together, I am quite sure I will enjoy it.

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