Season’s Greetings!

I wanted to leave something festive up here for the next few days and thought I’d find something by the wonderful Sulamith Wulfing, the German artist and illustrator whose paintings have strong mystical and fairy tale influences. There were so many to choose from and they were so gorgeous that I decided in the end to put several up. Whatever you are celebrating this winter, I hope you have a lovely time. I won’t be posting until the end of the week, but I do hope to be visiting. Happy holidays in the meantime, dear blog friends!

sulamith wulfing

sulamith wulfing 2

sulamith wulfing 3


22 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings!

  1. Beautiful – I can’t wait to seek out more by this artist. Have a peaceful and happy Christmas, Litlove and look forward to following your recommendations in 2014. x

  2. Fantastic (in both senses). Thank you for making 2013 a rather special year for me. The cat hopes that your party experience will not put you off a (quieter) visit to the wicked city early in 2014.

    Happy Christmas to you too!

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