You know what? I’m going to throw in the towel rather than bust a gut trying to get my outstanding reviews written.  We’re off on holiday in a few days, Mr Litlove and I. He will be working with a professional cabinetmaker and has chosen a chair as his first project (to make a change from bookcases he says, ha!). I’m going along for the ride, as it were, with a big pile of books and a half-written article on Henry Miller (at this rate). There’s always so much to do in the run-up to going away, although at least this time we’ll leave our son in charge of the house. We’ve bought two fire extinguishers in preparation.

Blogging is a funny old business, isn’t it? Sometimes I really love it and other times I get thoroughly tired of it. It’s particularly thankless in the summer when, in this corner of the blogworld at least, it gets really quiet. I know I’ll feel resentful if I take special time out of my busy schedule to post, and then hardly anyone drops by. But I understand perfectly – I’ve struggled myself to clear my feed reader lately and leave as many comments as I normally do (I’m sure that’s part of the reason things are quiet). It’s been hard to find the time to reply to comments, too, and I’m especially sorry that new people have commented here and I haven’t visited them in return. To maintain a blog takes so much energy. I’m sure it will all look a lot better from the other side of a holiday!


25 thoughts on “Holiday!

  1. Mr Litlove is allowed to make a chair, but only if it’s one you can comfortably recline in while reading! 😉

    I understand completely how you feel about blogging–all the effort that goes into it and how quiet it is sometimes you wonder if anyone is out there at all reading! A break is always good at these moments–time to refresh and relax and do something for yourself! Besides–the hot days of summer zap all energy–and the only effort I want to make is to pick up a book in one hand and a nice ice tea in the other! Have a realy great break–hope the weather is fine and you get in lots of reading and writing time!

  2. AGREED. Everything you say. The blogs I spend the longest writing, dragging together implausible strands get few hits and ones I rush off go viral. Go figure.
    Just back from the Costa Brava and have enjoyed the break. Hope you do too, my dear.

  3. Have truly refreshing break, Litlove, you have been working overtime and I have really enjoyed the recent discussion with DP Here in Australia, we are not on holiday so your fidelity to posting has been much valued
    Apologies for lurking rather than contributing. I did discover Gail Godwin through your review and I have her on my virtual TBR

  4. Excellent decision, but I’m certainly going to miss your posts! Looking forward to reading your essay on Miller when (and if) it becomes public.

    Best wishes from the Cat

  5. Bingo! Yes. I hear you, dear Litlove. It is exhausting writing a blog and I don’t know how so many of you continue to produce really exceptional stuff so consistently. The last time I posted on my blog was May. It seems like last week to me. The time is just “whooosh” and gone. Most of the time the thought of coming up with something cogent is just too much for my brain to take on. So…all this to say you’ve earned a nice break. I hope you and Mr. L have a great and restful time – and that the chair takes pride of place at home. (Fire extinguishers are a good thought…I’ve raised 3 teenagers and know something about that.)

  6. Echoing (in the emptiness) the sentiment that the blogging world is very quiet lately. But we do not have to be birds, that a sudden silence scares us; we can be more like cats, and find it restful.
    I am winding up a month of infrequent posting and commenting with a plan to travel at the end of July and beginning of August, so it may well be the middle of September before I get back to regular blog reading and writing.

    • Jeanne I am a very typical cat in that silence is absolutely fine but I will very much miss the posts from Victoria over the next few weeks. This cat doesn’t sleep much!

  7. Thank you for posting as much as you do. I always enjoy reading your blog and have come across many interesting books through your recommendations.

  8. May you both have a super break. We’ll be here when you get back. In the meantime it will give me a chance to read some of the books on my To Be Read list instead of adding more!

  9. Have a lovely blogging break, and enjoy reading for fun. As I’ve been gone from my blog for the past two months, an unexpected break, I am getting familiar with the waves of blogging I seem to do now. Enjoy your holiday!

  10. Fire extinguishers are a smart move. Have you bought extra strong teenage-party-stereo full last- earplugs for the neighbours too?
    Enjoy the break

  11. Dear lovely blogging friends – we are off on our holidays now and I thank you and send big hugs for all the wonderful comments you have left! I’ll reply properly when we’re back. Have a great week in the meantime and enjoy your reading (or indeed whatever’s going on right now). I’ll miss you!

  12. Hope you and Mr Litlove have a wonderful, relaxing holiday. And I’m imagining a beautifully crafted chair (to go with the table he made before?) Happy reading. 🙂

  13. Put Mr Miller in his place, and enjoy yourself, litlove! (Or rather hope you had a lovely relaxing time while you were away, if you’re reading this on your return.)

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