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Many apologies for being so quiet this week; a combination of writing deadlines and what seems to be the usual family crises have kept me away from the blogworld. We’ve had relentlessly bad weather, with snow flurries on many days, and my indoors entertainment has been quite the most boring biography (no, I tell a lie, I read one on James M. Cain that just pipped it) of French writer, Andre Gide. Note to all would-be famous writers: please do not spend your time travelling. It makes for many dull chapters enlivened only by the sort of falling out with travelling companions that was undoubtedly important at the time but loses much when recounted at dry length decades later.

However, the weekend has redeemed the week by being very nice and relaxing. And my birthday today has been lovely. I thought you might like a look at the book loot. Some wonderful non-fiction: biographies of Wilkie Collins and Hemingway and James Lasdun’s account of being stalked for years by a madly hostile ex-creative writing class student (wonderful car crash literature, I couldn’t resist starting it); some delightful crime: Perry Mason, Ruth Rendell, 1920s detective fiction from Frances Brody, and the most recent book by Graham Joyce; and some really tempting new novels in a mix of genres. Oh and the little one on top is The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, read by Miriam Margolyes. I have the usual problem of wanting to start them all, right away.

And thank you all for the excellent suggestions and comments on the previous post. I need to have a quick word with Dark Puss to see what he wants to read and I’ll let you know what we decide on doing. Now I must away and gloat some more over my new books…


33 thoughts on “Birthday Books

  1. Happy birthday to you! and my goodness what an enormous quantity of books. You must have a great many friends, or a few very generous ones.

  2. Happy Birthday from all at The Bear Garden. We are going to have cake in your honour. I loved ‘The Chemistry of Tears’ but would never have pinned it as Carey had I not known who the author was so will be really interested to see what you think. Frances Brody is a name I don’t know. Should I be doing something about this?

  3. Happy Birthday. I have just checked and you aren’t having us on – I can’t believe it’s another year gone! I have a conspiracy theory that after 25 we are moved into a virtual reality where the years speed up. There is no other possible explanation that fits the facts, virtual facts of course! Love the books (not covetously, he lies), but looking at the size of the Hemingway bio it could be next birthday before you are reporting on it. Kindest wishes!

  4. Happy happy birthday! I love seeing a nice pile of books like that, and I’m excited to hear what you think about the Lasdun book. I read an excerpt from it and was fascinated, because yeah, car-crash literature.

  5. Happy Birthday! What a haul. I know what you mean by wanting to start them all at once.

    I can’t wait to hear what you and DP decide on reading. What ever it is, the results will be interesting to read about.

  6. Happy Birthday dear Litlove! And happy reading with your stash of new books 🙂 They all look good but the only one I have is The Innocents which L really enjoyed. I need a new novel so may well start it soon.

  7. Happy Birthday! I must admit that biography is the genre I am quickest to abandon if the biographer can’t bring the story alive. However, I’ve just read a very good biography of Sylvia Plath’s early life.

  8. Happy Birthday, Litlove! We had a parade here in your honor and everyone wore green, and there were bag pipes and lots of beer. I love your tower o’ books! I got a bunch myself (not for a birthday but I used up some gift cards I got last year.) Yours look much more substantive (I got all the Flavia de Luce mysteries and a couple more “bestsellers” for light reading which I’ll talk about one day soon). I’m really interested in what you think of the Wilkie Collins biography…love me some Wilkie!

  9. Thank you so much, dear friends, for all your wonderful birthday wishes! They are every bit as lovely a gift as that big pile of books. Thank you for turning up here and keeping me company and leaving your marvellous thoughts. Hugs all round!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Litlove! What an enviable looking pile of books. I hope you find much pleasure in reading each and every one of them! 🙂 (Now I might have to do a little scan and see what I might have to add to my own wishlist….).

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