Festive Greetings

Isn’t this a beautiful image? It’s by Kay Nielsen from the folk tale collection East of the Sun and West of the Moon, and I’ll be leaving it up over the rest of the week as a festive tribute while the doors of the reading room are closed for the vacation. I’ll be reading blogs, though, not least to catch up as I’m behind in my commenting! The rest of the time, well, will go on preparations, the usual as well as some unusual ones.  My son has had a vision, and it’s of a house made out of cake, so you can imagine us trying to construct that over the next few days. So far we have four big building blocks in the shape of square sponge cakes which in half an hour or so we will stick together with frosting. Then we’re going to try to construct the underpinning for a roof with broken up sponge and sponge fingers (that’s ladyfingers to some of you). And then we have a lot of fondant icing…. If it’s anything in the least like a house by the end, I’ll put a photo up here.  Hope you all have a wonderful week, however or whatever you are celebrating, and may many of the presents you unwrap be book-shaped!


21 thoughts on “Festive Greetings

  1. Are you the woman on the bear?? (just kidding, but I wonder what your psychoanalyst would say… no, don’t ask him in earnest!). A very happy xmas to you and a wonderful holidays to your family!

  2. I’m likely not the only one who’d want to see pictures of that house–and of what books you may get for Christmas. Have a good Yuletide, Litlove.

  3. Good luck with the cake house! That sounds even harder than a gingerbread house, and I remember finding a gingerbread house a significant challenge when I was nine. I also want to see pictures of it when it’s done.

    Merry merry Christmas, litlove! I hope it is minimally stressful for you!

  4. Happy holidays–hope it’s restful, cakeful, and bookful! (and if those aren’t words, surely they should be…) I see many book-shaped items under our tree too. Can’t have too many!

  5. Have a really great holiday! Do share your cake-house–it sounds yummy and what a fun thing to do with your son. Love the illustration and it is perfect for this time of year. All the best! 🙂

  6. Have a lovely festive season. I suspect a house of cake will be easier to pull apart for eating than a gingerbread one (which must be chiselled apart after the icing sets). Good luck and good eating 🙂 Hopefully you’ll have time for The Gurffalo’s Child on BBC in between all the prep and partaking.

  7. Beautiful image indeed! East of the Sun and West of the Moon is my favourite fairy tale, and Nielsen’s illustrations are just the best. A very happy holiday season to you and yours!

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