Litlove, Superwoman

I’m having a very lazy weekend and am not in the mood to post anything serious. So here, just for fun, is what my boys have been up to. My son has grown bored of World of Warcraft and switched allegiance to a new game called DC Universe (he likes it very much). Anyway, he and his father decided to create a superhero character for me. Not that I got a choice in the matter (except my protest carried sway when my husband was about to dress me exclusively in leopard skin). It was most disconcerting to look up from my book from time to time to see them staring at me contemplatively. I don’t have a name for this character – I’d have gone with Book Woman but my son declared this way too dull – and I find my Barbie-doll physique positively alarming (plus, where am I going to carry a book in that costume? Even superheroes must have some downtime). But I wouldn’t mind being bionic at all.


Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! I’ll be sensible tomorrow…



13 thoughts on “Litlove, Superwoman

  1. Obviously you have pockets that are bigger on the inside, like the Doctor. You can probably fit six to seven books inside those pockets. You are a superhero. You can do stuff like that.

  2. Very nice! Leopardskin, eh? Wonder what that says? Surely they could fit a bookholder on the inside of that shield – reading while you fight – there’s multi-tasking if ever there was. You enjoy the rest of the weekend. I’ve just been lounging here helping Morse solve a crime, well Lewis and me, of course!

  3. Good grief – that’s, um, quite a V-neck you have there. (Strategically placed an’ all.) I do like the avenging demeanour and glinting eyes, though; it suggests that anyone mistreating a book or spewing out spiteful, destructive criticism will meet the pointy end of your stick…

  4. Yes, that outfit doesn’t leave much to the imagination or have a spare pocket for a nice paperback, but that’s quite a big and dangerous looking stick! I don’t imagine anyone would want to mess with you if you have that in hand! 🙂

  5. That’s hilarious! And yes, I don’t think that skin-tight costume leaves much space for books. But you have a staff and some neat wings and other wonder-woman-type accessories. Good luck with your bionic adventures!

  6. Wings are the best bit of being a superheroe, why do so many of them end up having magical flight without wings? Very practical, but you can surely be a bit extravagant when you’re destined to save the world.

  7. Jenny – this is SO me – if I had superpowers, I would forget to use them. Of course! My costume must operate by the tardis principle – thank you for reminding me!

    Lilian – oh I’d love to see you in superwoman costume. Wouldn’t you look great?

    Bookboxed – you don’t want to know about Mister Litlove’s obsession with animal prints, really you don’t! 🙂 I read a lot of Morse quite a while back and loved them. Such clever, clever workings out (although I wondered why the really great explanation was often ditched for a less great one). Morse would be rather good reading material on a mission, no?

    Fugitive pieces – lol! lol! That’s it! I would be an avenging angel on unkind critics. Anyone pronouncing an unfair, biased, or mindlessly panning review on the blogworld would get a visit from me, V-neck and all! (that really should be threat enough, don’t you think?)

    Danielle – there are days when I really think that a weapon is what I need to stop feeling quite so vulnerable in the world. I think if I walked about with a really big stick I would feel so much better!

    Pete – I’ll be sure to report any adventures I have on the blog. And in the meantime, I’ll try not to poke myself in the eye with that stick. 😉 I’m sure, as in real life, I’d be more of a danger to myself than anyone else!

    Qugrainne – why thank you! I held out for wings – it such a shame you can’t get them off the peg.

    Bookgazing – I really wanted wings. I’d like them in reality, although they’d be a pain to get in the car, or on the bus. Well, I suppose I would fly, and not need other forms of transport, but you know, there are always going to be days when it rains. I am all for a bit of extravagance – I mean, saving the world requires a fair bit of balance on the scales, right?

  8. You’re a Superwoman. You snap your fingers and a book appears whenever you need it, bookmark in place where you left off and all. Then, when you have to go fight The Green Meanies, or whatever, you just snap again and it’s gone (even better than an e-book reader, no?).

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