Happy Christmas!

I’d hoped to have a whole week of seasonal reading, but preparations and general busy-ness have got in the way. Never mind – I’ll be back next week, with the round-up of the blogging year and reading plans for 2011. For now, I just wanted to wish all the readers of the Reading Room a very happy, peaceful and relaxing Christmas indeed. I’ll leave you with one of my favourite Christmas images by Edmund Dulac, from his illustrations for The Snow Queen.


25 thoughts on “Happy Christmas!

  1. I love Edmund Dulac, what a lovely and very appropriate picture to share! Have a great Holiday, too, Litlove! I hope you have a chance to rest and relax and enjoy the day as well.

  2. Happy and Merry to you, too! I bought myself your recommended read Someone at a Distance for Christmas, and I am planning to do nothing over the next two days other than immerse myself in it. I also bought a book I think you would like very much — Henrietta’s War by Joyce Dennys … a humorous collection of “letters from the home front,” 1939-1942, and all the more poignant, somehow, for addressing the difficulties of life during WW II from the perspective of a well-meaning wife who is as challenged by her social/civic duties and position as she is by the exigencies of the war itself. The type of book you read in an hour, and think about for a long time afterward.

  3. Love the Dulac illustration! How perfectly perfect.
    And Merry Christmas greetings to you and yours as well. I’m stealing time to catch up just a bit with everyone.
    And I remember reading that you would be reading this week (between Xmas and New Years) and I pictured (imagined?) that I would be doing the same.
    But there’s been a wonderful amount of cooking and family entertaining. I rarely have time to really cook but since I don’t have to work for a week (thank you, vacation time), I’ve rediscovered cooking. Thoughtful cooking, cooking with heart, whatever one calls it. (It may deserve a blog entry). Maybe it’s cooking-without-hurrying! At any rate, I hope to pick up a book today and get lost in it. Oh, dear – which one? Little matter.

    And I totally look forward to your round up of 2010 books.

  4. Happy, happy Christmas to you all, dear blogging friends! I do hope you have been having a wonderful break from the routine and a relaxing holiday, doing whatever you like to do best!

    David – I do hope you like Someone At A Distance, and I’m delighted to have your recommendation for Henrietta’s War – I have often looked at that book but not known enough about it to pick it up. Now I certainly will!

    Oh – cooking can be a very relaxing way to spend time, when you have the time and the ingredients to cook something lovely. Hope you get your reading time in too!

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