Quick Update

I wanted to say a huge thank you and to send hugs all round to my dear blogging friends after your fabulous response to my last post. You really made me feel so much better about the book and about the drop in my spirits upon its completion. You were so immensely kind and encouraging and it helped no end.

I also wanted to let you know that I got my blood test results back this afternoon and I am fine, apart from suffering an imbalance in my hormones. My doctor’s conclusion was that it was indeed just a chronic fatigue relapse, and that the hormones are where it affects me most. And as some of you out there may know, having unbalanced hormones, particularly once you have hit 40, is not a great deal of fun. But I am so relieved to know that I’m just dealing with the familiar enemy. I’m fully embracing a program of rest and relaxation, paying good attention to my diet and – feasible now I know I’m fundamentally okay – avoiding as much stress as possible. Mister Litlove has been suffering from manflu this weekend, so we have been old crocks together.

So thank you once again for all your support. I was deeply touched by your messages and wonder where else it would be possible to find a community that is so genuinely caring and generous outside the book blogging world. You are a very special group of people.

I’ll be back to follow up on those promised posts about books, too.


15 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve had another relapse, but I’m glad it’s nothing you won’t be able to work out and take care of. It’s very stressful worrying about health issues! Rest and relaxation and lots of good books and good food sounds perfect! Take care of yourself and hope Mr Litlove is on the mend as well.

  2. Oh, I’m so happy that your recent problems aren’t anything new! Well, perhaps happy isn’t the right word, but I’m glad that you feel such relief. *hugs* to you and enjoy that r&r. 😉

    >>I was deeply touched by your messages and wonder where else it would be possible to find a community that is so genuinely caring and generous outside the book blogging world. You are a very special group of people.

    You put that so well! I truly believe the book blogging community has become one of my lifelines for dealing with my fibro.

  3. I guess better the devil you know, eh? I’m glad you’ll be getting some rest soon!

    (I just remembered today that the university library here might have Their Finest Hour and a Half, which you wrote about a while ago. They do and I’m so enjoying it!)

  4. Sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling good. I suppose it is to be expected that your symptoms would come back after all the work of finishing the book. Hope you have lots of rest and relaxation and that you get to read and recover to your heart’s content.

  5. No, unbalanced hormones are not fun. Hope you regain that balance and that the CF symptoms wane also. Rest is the perfect excuse to read, isn’t it?
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  6. I’m late but glad to hear you’re blood test came back with reassuringly familiar (if somewhat sucky) results. And I feel like the completion of the book deserves a cheer even if you are hating it because of the things it made you revisit. Good job completing something many people never will – hurray!

  7. Danielle – I can’t pretend to be fond of chronic fatigue, but I’ve certainly come to think of it as a benign nuisance! Thank you for your lovely, kind well wishes. You are so right that worrying about health is hugely stressful and it’s nice to be turning to books right now and feeling just plain relieved!

    Eva – this community is the best and I am so very glad that it supports you, too. We need the support, right? 😉 And it was indeed a huge relief to get the results back, so I know just what you mean.

    Harriet – oh thank you! I will try and do that.

    Bluestocking – always lovely to hear from you! Thank you!

    Jenny – SO glad you are enjoying Their Finest Hour and a Half. And I am most certainly relieved to be dealing with a known devil. Couldn’t agree more.

    Pete – I always think, every time, that THIS will be the time when I’ll manage to live without side effects. When I’ll get through a stressful period or a busy period without falling by the wayside afterwards. Haven’t seemed to manage it yet, but I do keep hoping! Thank you for the kind wishes.

    Rosy – thank you, my friend! I’m pleased too.

    ds – the perfect excuse, indeed. Watch me take it up. 😉 And thank you for your lovely message and the hormone solidarity!

    bookgazing – by the end it was an absolute compulsion to finish it, so I’m not one hundred percent sure that was healthy, but I guess I DID finish it, and that certainly brings with it some relief. I must say it’s only thanks to blogging friends that I feel any sense of achievement at all! But thanks to you, I do.

    Stefanie – lol! Never a truer word spoken there. Mister Litlove is doing better and wanted to send special thanks to you and to Danielle, too, for having thought of him. Aaahhh, bless.

  8. There you are – results that totally reinforce the sheer folly of ever turning to Dr Google! I admit, this diagnosis pleases me no end for any number of reasons, the big one of course being that dear LL is going to be just fine. Happy days.

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