Matrimony Giveaway Result

When it came to choosing a name out of a hat there were an awful lot of contenders for the job around here.Β  But after careful consideration with my son we decided that the cats simply weren’t to be trusted and so we called in a delegation from the penguin army. Here they are, squaring up to the task.

The Book Draw

The Book Draw

The snout you can see here on the far left of the picture belongs to the polar bear we brought in as an independent adjudicator. Because let’s face it, not so very much happens in the lives of those penguins and they were pretty overexcited, I can tell you.
Just as well there was some policing going on, as the draw got a bit out of hand.

The Aftermath

The Aftermath

The eventual winner out of the scrum was Margaret from Books Please!

So, Margaret, if you could possibly let me know your address by emailing me on litlove1 atyahoo dotco dotuk that would be wonderful.

Congratulations! I hope you really enjoy the novel.

A few bloggers expressed an interest in my Christmas books, and so here is a picture of this year’s crop. Don’t they look just gorgeous?

Christmas Loot

Christmas Loot

They are, in ascending order: Stravinsky’s Lunch by Drusilla Modjeska, The Suspicions of Mr Whicher by Kate Sommerscale, Things The Grandchildren Should Know by Mark Oliver Everett (memoirs of the lead singer of the Eels), Molly Fox’s Birthday by Deirdre Madden, Vanessa and Virginia by Susan Sellers, Indian Summer by William Dean Howells, The Door by Magda Szabo, Daniel Martin by John Fowles, Rabbit, Run by John Updike, For Kings and Planets by Ethan Canin, The Aleph by Borges, Mariana by Monica Dickens, Shakespeare’s Wife by Germaine Greer, My Voice Will Go With You by Sidney Rosen (the teaching stories of my favourite crazy psychotherapist, Milton Erickson), then A Big Storm Knocked It Over by Laurie Colwin, which shouldn’t really be there as it just arrived over Christmas, and three books I bought in the sales after swapping presents that were doubles: Clemency Burton-Hill, The Other Side of the Stars, Salman Rushdie’s The Enchantress of Florence and Luice Whitehouse, The House at Midnight. On top is a cookery book, Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer, in which Jane Brocket has combed all the old children’s classics for the picnic food, suppers, elevenses and teatime cakes they mention and provided recipes for them. It’s her musings about children’s literature that really make the book. I also received from a good blog friend a copy of a Fred Vargas crime novel, but I’m reading it at the moment, so it’s not on the pile. I’m intending to have a VERY quiet January so I can read as many of them as possible!

A very happy book-filled 2009 to everyone!


14 thoughts on “Matrimony Giveaway Result

  1. First, those penguins are sooooooo cute!

    Second, what a brilliant load of books you received. I got an equally great crop but I had to buy them all myself!! πŸ˜‰ I hope you enjoy Things The Grandchildren Should Know by Mark Oliver Everett — it was one of my standout reads for 2008.

    Finally, happy new year to you!

  2. That is just too cute. Congrats to Margaret.

    Your book loot does look gorgeous and I’m wishing you a peaceful January so you can have fun with your book treasures. Happy New Year!

  3. Oh my gosh, I am still laughing! I was a little worried the polar bear might swoop in for a penguin lunch. As it is, it appears the penguins did themselves in! Happy New Year!

  4. Those penguins look like they were quite a handful–too much holiday stimulation and color after the whiteness of the Arctic Circle, I’m sure. It was a talented photographer to capture them in action! πŸ™‚ And such a lovely book pile, too! I see you have a lovely new copy of Mariana–one with the new Persephone cover. I loved that book! I also have the Summerscale and the Whitehouse–will now have to check out the rest! I hope you get in loads of reading time in January. Happy New Year, Litlove! I can’t wait to hear all about your new books!

  5. Looks like a wonderful selection. I’ve read two of them, the Fowles years ago, and the Rushdie which I liked a lot. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  6. Thank you so much, Litlove (and the penguins). I’ll email you. You had some lovely loot – by the way I can’t see the photo of the loot on your blog, although I can see it on Google Reader – odd!

    Anyway, Happy New Year to you and your family.

  7. What a marvellous haul of Christmas books! I’ve just embarked on Summerscale’s “The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher” myself and I look forward to comparing notes with you on it in due course. I gave many books as gifts but received none; all of my loved ones figure that if there’s a book I want, I probably already have it. They know me too well…

  8. Hello blogging friends! I’ve been away for New Year, but now I’m back in the blogging saddle. Thank you for all your marvellous comments, which I’ll now reply to below!

    Kimbofo – so glad you liked the penguins! I did have a bit of fun, I must confess. πŸ™‚ Really glad to know you loved the Everett, which was a present from my brother, along with the Eels CD, and I’d never even heard of it before. You’ve certainly bumped it up the list. And I always say it doesn’t matter how the books arrive – just so long as they do! Eva – don’t book stacks just make a person happy? There’s nothing like a pile of books to raise my spirits! iliana – happy 2009 to you too! I am clearing the calendar for January, don’t you worry πŸ™‚ Stefanie – lol! The polar bear was hoping for some serious casualties, I think, but only got a few ruffled feathers πŸ˜‰ I can feel this terrible temptation to do a picture story series with stuffed animals which I Must Resist. Danielle – Lol! Absolutely! Way too much over-stimulation for penguin brains πŸ™‚ I remember you reading Mariana and I am really looking forward to it – AND it’s my first Persephone. This may be the start of a slippery slope. Happy, happy New Year to you, too! Bookboxed – and a very Happy 2009 to you and your family also! I particularly picked up the Rushdie on your recommendation (I’ve been waiting for it to come out in paperback) but I’m glad to know you enjoyed the Fowles. I loved The French Lieutenant’s Woman so I’m very keen to read more by him. Bluestocking – happy new year to you too! One of my resolutions has to be to tackle the comment box on your site again. I still can’t get in, no surprise there. But I’ll certainly try again. Booksplease – the beak fell on your name! My dad said the same thing about the book picture – what a nuisance? I’m afraid we’re completely foxed here as to what is wrong with it. Grrrr. Me and technology do not get on! Dorothy – a very happy 2009 to you, and here’s to lots more wonderful reading. Yogamum – Lol! Too true! You can’t turn your back a moment here without some animal misbehaving πŸ™‚ Kate – Oh I’ll be so interested to know what you think of Mr Whicher. I used to have exactly the same problem with people saying they didn’t know what to get me, and I found an amazon wish list helped enormously. Of course you have to try not to buy the books off it yourself instantly (I know all about that problem):) Courtney – a very happy 2009 to you too! I’m certainly not going to miss the next installments of your adventures in Pittsburg πŸ™‚ Becca – thank you! Oh I most certainly will enjoy the reading, although at the moment I’m at the stage of stroking them and cooing over them, and enjoying that too! πŸ™‚

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