Time Out

It occurred to me, reading around in the blog world last week and sighing wistfully over multiple accounts of luscious and relaxing holidays, that I haven’t had a holiday myself since, well, since I don’t know when. Earlier in the year the work was going well, and I wasn’t interested in going anywhere. Then I had my health scare and, whilst I achieved absolutely zero for those six weeks, it wasn’t exactly like being on holiday, either. Ever since, mindful of how far behind I’ve fallen in my own schedules, I’ve been struggling to get back on top of work, but to not much avail. And then, over the course of this past weekend which we spent on a family visit that could have gone better, frankly, I realised that I was stale and jaded and in need of some time out. I couldn’t sleep one night and as I lay listening to the clock chime its way through the small hours I found great comfort in planning future holidays we might take, laid-back, pottering type holidays that include poking around interesting shops and cooking creative meals in under-equipped holiday house kitchens. It’s as close to adventure as I really want to get.

So I’ve decided to take the rest of the week off as far as possible. I’m going to ignore the email and anything that looks remotely like work. That means no blogging, too. I’m torn about this poor old blog which looks a bit sickly to me lately. I have a terrible inclination to abandon things that are going quietly downhill; slow deterioration always looks painful to me. Returning to the university in October is going to mean a lot more work and a lot less time. But whilst I think I would be sorry to miss the outlet of writing here, I know for sure I couldn’t do without the contact with my blogging friends. I feel I ought to be sensible and commit to posting once a week when I return, but I hesitate also to put a rule in place when blogging is such a spontaneous thing. Well, we’ll see how it goes, I guess. It could just be a reflection of the general weariness I feel at the moment that will lift when I’ve had a bit of spaciousness.

So, I’m going to put my feet up, inbetween taking my son to the dentist and preparing him to go back to school and try not to worry about a thing – the best holiday of all! Have a great week of reading (or indeed whatever you are doing) and I’ll see you when I get back.


20 thoughts on “Time Out

  1. What a good plan! Enjoy your time away.

    I’ll be interested to see what direction you take your blog in order to keep feeling interested in it. (It’s always interesting to me, but that’s not the same as it interesting you, is it?)

    But most of all, I hope it’s a delightful week.

    xo, L

  2. Do whatever is best for you Litlove, but we’ll miss it if you stop! Having just discovered your writing, I guess I’ll have to make do with the back catalogue. That should keep me busy for a while… Why don’t you enjoy your week off, then take the pressure off yourself afterwards and just post very occasionally, when you’re really bursting with something to share. I’m sure many of your loyal readers will be willing to check in again whenever you do.

  3. Dear BL – what I would really like to do is write more personal narrative, but I hold back from that because a) this is a book blog and b)personal narrative is not a great forte of mine so it would all be very experimental and hit and miss. So, hmmm… not quite sure yet. But a week out to clear my mind must be a good thing. Tricia – you do write lovely comments. I wish you could have been here when the blog was in its heyday, but there are plenty of archives from that time! And who knows, it may still have a new lease of life. I’m quite sure I won’t give up! Emily – thank you, my friend, and see you next week.

    Oh and, I should also say I’m behind with blog reading but will catch up with that over the week.

  4. Have a wonderful week off! I know what you mean about blogging – I LOVE my blog and blogging but I feel mine lacks something it used to. I thought about stopping as well but really, my blog is my space to do with as I see fit. I feel so crazily blessed to have met so many amazing people through it, but I am obligated only to myself and since blogging is something I enjoy tremendously, I’m just going to keep blogging in the cracks and crevices of my life and feeling grateful for whoever keeps on reading!

  5. I tend to think that blogs go through ebb and flow as part of the passing of time. The trick seems to be not to shut down completely. A change of direction is always acceptable, since so many who read are there for the writing as well as the substantive material, in my experience.

    You express reluctance at the idea of a personal blog, but what about a narrative of thought and reflection? This seems to me one of the key distinguishing features of blogs compared with say academic or narrative writing: the opportunity to let the bones show, to trace our reaction to what is happening as it happens. For myself I am far more comfortable writing what I am thinking about than what I am actually doing. It’s what, to my mind, makes us all distinctive.

    Enjoy your break!

  6. Have a wonderful holiday. And don’t let blogging be something that stresses you out and becomes a chore. If you don’t want to schedule a once a week post, just post when you feel like and don’t worry about at all the rest of the time.

  7. Taking a week off is a good idea, Litlove. Life and work seem so difficult when our batteries are worn down. Rest and enjoy, yourself!

  8. Yes, agree with all of the above. Some R&R would do you good. And I really hope you don’t close this blog down (although like Tricia I can catch up on the older posts). Post when you feel like it with no compulsion to post at all if you don’t want to. Hope you have a good break. Am away next week with no internet access – will be a mixed blessing.

  9. You do need a break–after your health scare and all the stresses that came with it. A little time away from work and computer sounds pretty blissful right now! No need to worry–your friends/readers will be here for whenever you feel like returning even if it is on an irregular schedule! 🙂 Enjoy your break!!

  10. I’ve had plenty of doubts about blogging too, and have tried to figure out how to write a little less without worrying about it or feeling like I’m failing in some way — some people do quite well with irregular or infrequent posting, but I have a hard time with it! I totally agree with you about not being able to do without my blog friends — that’s a reason to keep at it right there. I suppose for me it’s a good lesson in giving up on some of my perfectionist tendencies — it’s a hard but good lesson to learn.

  11. Blogs are a bit like anything I suppose…they become tiresome and humdrum after a while. Sometimes all one needs is a bit of time away. Enjoy a much deserved rest, and hopefully some time just for pottering at your own pace and desire. I’ll miss your lovely words, but will be happy to know you’re resting and restoring your spirit a bit 🙂

  12. I have been an erratic blogger at best this year. Too much else to focus on right now. But I’m doing RIP III!

    Take a break, it’s okay. Enjoy life!

  13. What? You take a break just as I discover you??

    Well-earned: turn off and enjoy the family. We didn’t even have a TV for the first 10 years of ours and that was great – I wouldn’t have missed a minute of the time we had. It took about 10 years of telling them stories before I ever got a chance to write one down!

    Look forward to reading more sometime.


  14. Courtney – I feel exactly the same as you – word for word! I’m hoping that spark will come back because I would miss my blogging friends too much, as well as the space to express myself as I please. Harvestbird – what good and wise suggestions! I think you are right and that blogs do ebb and flow, and that new directions can be wonderful motivators. I like the thought of blogging more on my reflections – I’ll have to give it a go. Stefanie – you are always a voice of sanity! It’s the getting stressed bit that does the damage, isn’t it? Not necessarily the absence of something thrilling to say. I’ve got lots of book reviews to catch up on, so I’ll do that first and then see what grabs me. Yogamum- you are such a sweetie. I’m very glad to know it’s not just me. I suspect it may be the fault of August. Shall we see how we both feel in September and compare notes? Anne – oh thank you, that’s nice. And I was glad to see you’d had a lovely holiday too! love and hugs to you. Ann – isn’t it funny how it’s when you’re most tired that you feel most compelled to fix every single thing? Well, it is with me. The harder it looks, the more I feel I must do it. I heed your wise words, my friend. Verbivore – thank you so much! You’re so right that everything looks worse than it is when you are tired. I always forget that! Pete – I hope that as I write this, you are enjoying a wonderful break! I won’t be closing down this blog any time soon – I love it too much! I just worry sometimes about doing justice to it, and providing my friends with something interesting enough to read. But having a break is always a good, refreshing thing to do. I’ll be back. Danielle – oh thank you so much! I would hate to lose touch with my dear blogging friends. It has certainly been quite a summer, and I always tend to think I can just keep on going when I can’t really. I’ll miss you while I’m away though. Gentle Reader – thank you so much! It was the picture of that gorgeous beach you were at that did it! Dorothy – I really felt I could have written your comment myself – that’s exactly how I feel. I’m never very comfortable with irregular blogging but the regular kind lowers your inspiration eventually. Still, a good break will hopefully raise it again. Do hope you and the Hobgoblin are doing okay – I’ll be visiting to find out in a bit. Becca – what a lovely thing to say, thank you! I always miss my blogging friends a lot when I’m not doing my usual rounds. I think my blog is so bound up with my thoughts of freedom and free time and pleasure that I forget it can become a bit of a chore too! Lisa – oh I’m glad to hear you say that. It’s my favourite kind of holiday too! LK – I always love to read other people’s reviews from that challenge and it’s great to have you back! edddd – welcome to the reading room and I’m so glad you’ve been visiting! Look, I’m back already – hardly gave you time to miss me. I loved reading stories to my son and am really sorry that he has almost outgrown it. Still get to do one occasionally. Do you blog? I’ll visit if you do.

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