Five Kind Things Meme

Thank goodness for a meme to do today! In fact, Emily was kind enough (and could have added ‘tagging bloggers for memes’ to her answers) to tag me for two, but I’ll save one up for another time.

Five Kind Things Meme

Here are the rules:

1. List five kind things you do for yourself.

2.List five kind things you do for your closest friend, partner or child.

3.List five kind things you have done for a stranger.

4. Have fun!

5. Tag five people.

Five Kind Things I Do For Myself


1. Nothing. Yup, that’s right, sometimes I do absolutely nothing, and it’s immensely restful. It always made me laugh that the cows in Cold Comfort Farm were called Aimless, Feckless and Graceless, and I used to think, that’s not a dairy herd, that’s a guilty pleasure.


2. Give Myself Permission. I used to spend far too much of my life feeling terribly guilty about being obliged to do things like take time out, or recover from illness, or redo work because I’d made mistakes out of haste, and now I try to permit myself time and spaciousness and the ability to get things wrong from time to time. It’s not instinctual, but I’m working on it.


3. Read. You don’t really need me to say any more about this one, do you?


4. Write. I realized I’m kidding myself if I think I’m doing this for other people. The world can get by just fine without my thoughts on Katherine Mansfield or the literary fantastic, but I can’t resist seeing what they look like on paper.


5. Go To Bed Early. One of the greatest physical pleasures for me is that moment of first getting into bed at night and stretching out luxuriously in warmth and comfort. There’s always something I ought to be doing, or someone whose activities I ought to be accompanying or overseeing, or friends I ought to be telephoning, but to tuck up in bed early, listening to an audio tape or reading is just gorgeous sometimes.



Five Kind Things I Do For My Son


1. His French homework.


2. Keep My Thoughts To Myself. The number of times I open my mouth to suggest something, or ask something, or nag, and then think better of it and close it again. It’s by far the best policy.


3. Bake cakes and puddings. I think this is particularly saintly when I can’t eat them myself. I’m quite strong, but I have to look away when he tucks into syrup sponge pudding and ice cream. And cheesecake.


4. Put Him To Bed. Although he is theoretically capable of getting there under his own steam, my son still believes that time spent sleeping, (along with time spent in school), constitutes an obscene waste of his resources. I cajole, bully, encourage, blackmail, read stories, and we get there in the end.


5. Watch Television With Him. I’m not fond of television because there’s so little on that doesn’t offend my squeamish sensibilities at some point. But my son loves having someone watch with him, so I will put all thoughts of reading out of my head and keep him company. Yesterday I watched The Sixth Day, a thriller about cloning with Arnold Schwarzenegger that was well out of my comfort zone, and had a night of bad dreams for my pains.



Five Kind Things I Have Done For Strangers


1. Reviewed their novels.


2. Listened to their troubles.


3. Interviewed them and then admitted them to study a modern languages degree course.


4. Done the administration to ensure their research and conference expenditure was recompensed.


5. Kept Them Calm. This was a tricky section as strangers in the UK tend to avoid social contact, but once I talked for over two hours on the phone to the mother of a student who had gone temporarily missing (he turned up again). It was rather taxing, but I was glad to do it.




I tag: Archie, the Ravenous Reader, Ian (if Emily didn’t get there first), Ms Make Tea and LK.


14 thoughts on “Five Kind Things Meme

  1. Well, I always suspected you were somewhat of a saint, but now that I hear you bake things for your son that you can’t eat yourself. Well! And I think I need to learn to give myself permission a little more often.

  2. I always you knew you were kind and you’ve just put the icing on the cake with your answers. I do agree with you on going to bed early. It can be such a self-indulgent experience.

  3. I did love your answers! And I completely agree about “doing nothing” being a nice little gift to give yourself.

    And I had to smile at your comment about your son – mine was exactly the same way about sleep. He could never see the sense in it 🙂 And, at 28, he’s still a night owl. Funny thing is, I’m becoming more of one myself.

    Thanks for the tag…I’ve neither seen nor done this meme before. I’ll be thinking about my anwers.

  4. I love your list of things you do for yourself. Doing nothing and going to bed early sound particularly wonderful. I think I need to indulge in doing nothing a little more myself.

  5. All this tells me that you are wise, patient and tolerant. As suspected. And possibly bordering on saintly to bake for others what you cannot eat!

  6. I don’t want to go there where keeping them calm is concerned having spent this morning assuring students just about to tackle their first linguistics assignment that they really do know enough to do it and one of the things I’m not going to do is write it for them.

  7. Dear Blogging friends – you really are darlings – thank you for all your kind remarks. Someone is bound to do a ‘Five Mean Things I Do’ meme soon, and then my reputation will be in tatters! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing other people’s answers, too.

  8. Oh, dear I just saw that I was actually tagged. And I don’t think I’ve done minus spine’s meme. Well, that’s just a two-fer.

    I loved reading your Five Things, esp. for your son — just made me smile, all the kind things parents do for their offspring that probably most offspring take for granted when they are very young.

  9. What a kind mom to do his French homework! 🙂 Although I bet he’s very proficient as well! I agree with stretching out in bed at the end of the day–isn’t that a wonderfully relaxing feeling?! Only I never seem to make it further than a page or two in my book–I always fall asleep!

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