Saint Valentine

I would have liked to do something thoughtful about love and romance and all that jazz today, but I’m still writing (it’s going okay, thank you!) and so there’s only so much analysis a girl can get through in a day. Instead I offer up to the Gods of Love (and you, dear bloggers) a couple of my most favouritest love poems. The first comes from the ever excellent Sophie Hannah, who will not love me at all soon, but will be after me for copyright infringement. All I can say is that she really is a treat and I haven’t read anything by her yet that hasn’t pleased me immensely. This one is called


Although you have given me a stomach upset,
weak knees, a lurching heart, a fuzzy brain,
a high-pitched laugh, a monumental phone bill,
a feeling of unworthiness, sharp pain
when you are somewhere else, a guilty conscience,
a longing, and a dread of what’s in store,
a pulse rate for the Guinness Book of Records –
life now is better than it was before.

Although you have given me a raging temper,
insomnia, a rising sense of panic,
a hopeless challenge, bouts of introspection,
raw, bitten nails, a voice that’s strangely manic,
a selfish streak, a fear of isolation,
a silly smile, lips that are chapped and sore,
a running joke, a risk, an inspiration –
life now is better than it was before.

Although you have given me a premonition,
chattering teeth, a goal, a lot to lose,
a granted wish, mixed motives, superstitions,
hang-ups and headaches, fear of awful news,
a bubble in my throat, a dare to swallow,
a crack of light under a closing door,
the crude, fantastic prospect of forever –
life now is better than it was before.

The other one you may well have come across before, and indeed on this site, but it’s such a Valentine’s day favourite of mine I can’t resist posting it again:

Tell me right away if I’m disturbing you,
he said as he stepped inside my door,
and I’ll leave at once.

You not only disturb me, I said,
you shatter my entire existence.

Eevi Kilpi

May you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day today, blogging friends, and scoop your loved ones up close to you and hold them next to your heart, however near or far they may be.


13 thoughts on “Saint Valentine

  1. And happy Valentine’s Day to you as well, litlove! I want you to know I saw the meme tag from a couple of days ago and I will do it soon. Both poems here are wonderful.
    Happy writing.

  2. Courtney – Happy Valentine’s Day! Glad to hear that you are settling in okay! Stefanie – and a happy Valentine’s Day to you too! Ravenous reader – so glad you liked them! I had fun choosing. LK – a big virtual hug in return! Happy Valentine’s day! Eva – I have a special place in my heart for that poem, so so glad to know you liked it! Archie – it is a particular favourite of mine, that second one. I did think of you as I posted the Sophie Hannah, as well!

  3. Cam – I’m so glad you liked it. It’s a favourite of mine! Verbivore – So pleased you liked it and a very happy Valentine’s Day to you! David – anyone who reads you knows the power of your imagination! A very happy Valentine’s Day to you! Dorothy – Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m delighted you liked the poems! Musingsfromthesofa – can’t think of a group I’d like to share them with more than my dear (and appreciative!) blogging friends!

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