Litlove is poorly

Litlove was keen to reassure regular readers that she has not abandoned them, but is currently holed up in bed getting over a stomach bug. Apparently my nursing responsibilites extend to posting for her today.

Whilst never life threatening, the gravity of the situation is prehaps best indicated by the fact that we have entered the third day in which she has not picked up a book. I am about to test her progress with a little plain chicken broth and a chapter of Joanna Trollope.

She sends her love, hopes to be back on solid literature by tomorrow and posting again by the end of the week

-Litlove’s husband


UPDATE: My dear blogging friends – I think I must have lost one of my nine lives over the past couple of weeks (it’s not just cats). I am sort of, more or less, over the gastric ‘flu but the illness has played merry havoc with my ME and there is nothing for me to do but to stop life for a while to attend to it. I will miss you terribly, but I’ll come and visit you all as soon as I am able. I’ll be back posting in a month or so. Take good care of yourselves and read lots of books for me.

52 thoughts on “Litlove is poorly

  1. Thank you for the update, Litlove’s husband. I do hope it is not contagious. I do hope she is able to consume a small book or a chapter or two over the next few days. Perhaps a small dose of Monty Python in an outrageous French accent may be efficacious. 🙂

  2. What a great guy you have typing on your computer and taking care of you! I’m glad to hear your recovery involves soup and Joanna Trollope and am looking forward to hearing your voice when you’re on the mend. xoxo, BL

  3. What?! No reading?! Litlove must be feeling seriously dreadful. So sorry, and get well soon – don’t worry about us.

    Once when I had stomach flu, the doctor recommended a mouthful of plain bagel once and hour and a mouthful of flat coke (not diet, needs to have the sugar). It mostly stayed down, and worked like a charm when real food didn’t. Still lasted three days though, so I have every sympathy.

  4. I join the crowd with health wishes! And thanks to you, Litlove husband, for letting us know. A healthy diet of light and fun books might help… along with the doctor’s prescription of course.

  5. And here I am feeling sorry for myself because I’m in the midst of a move. Litlove’s Husband, what a wonderful man you are to keep us all posted. Litlove, hope you’re up and about and cheerily blogging again soon.

  6. Balibee! Shocking!

    Very sorry to read your update litlove, and hoping that you’re resting and being fed delicious morsels to coax you back to health. Get well soon!

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  8. Up until now I have always just dropped in (lurked – never contributing), never recognizing that this site was a source of contemplation for me, and eloquence, insight and such warmth. That is, until you fell ill and the site wasn’t there (you weren’t there) in the same way – bar the lovely comments of those as charmed by you as I am. I do think there is something rare about British sensibility; a cherishing of the uniquely inspired, quirky/individual? And that exquisite capacity to structure hard-won personal thought in an accessible way, that stirs.

    I really hope you are on your way back to flourishing, Litlove. An orison…

  9. Massive hugs and get well soon! Been reading Tonino benacquista’s darker stuff, especially ‘Les morsures de l’Aube’ on holiday — cracking stuff.

    Look after yourself and take as long as you need to get better!

    Princess xxx

  10. I’ve been so worried and kept meaning to email and ask if you were ok. But then I’d figure if you weren’t blogging, you weren’t emailing, either. So sorry you’re having such a rough time. Hope you feel better very very soon!

  11. Ah Litlove I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with a nasty stomach bug. I hope your time away is going well and you are getting plenty of rest. We’ll be here when you come back 🙂

  12. Oh my dear blogging friends – you have been SO good to me over my illness, propping up my flagging morale with your kind and encouraging comments! They’ve meant more to me than I can say. I am gradually, gradually getting better and I’ll be posting again soon, even if more sporadically than before. Thank you so much for keeping me company and for all your good wishes. They helped no end.

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