8 Random Things

You’ve all seen this by now, haven’t you? You all know how this works? A big thank you to LK and to Brad for having tagged me – I was so hoping that someone would!

1. I cannot roll my ‘r’s. I’ve tried and tried but to no avail, and it has greatly reduced the number of foreign languages I feel competent to learn.

2. I cannot bear the thought of oysters, I don’t fancy caviare and I can’t drink champagne. I don’t have a taste for rich food, nor do I particularly like very creamy dishes. Let’s face it; I’m a cheap date.

3. I adore my girlfriends. I have a small number of very close female friends who I would be completely lost without. I so love talking to women; you can tell them anything without disconcerting them, and you can even revisit a topic several times without their surreptitiously checking a watch or sliding a newspaper nearer.

4. I’d love to run a business. A small bookshop is probably the likeliest venture, if it ever happened. But if I came into money I’d love to do something philanthropic, like managing a set of studio spaces where artists could come to work. I’m right behind Virginia Woolf in thinking that a room of one’s own is essential to creativity.

5. My husband and I have recently begun to learn the tango. Figuring out a man’s decisions from almost imperceptible movements of his chest is something all wives have a lot of practice in. Dancing backwards whilst wearing heels, now that’s difficult.

6. When I was a child I coveted a Porsche car, and it was a moment of surprising maturity for me when, several years ago, I realised that although I probably had the means to buy one, I never would. It turns out I’m not at all motivated by material things; I don’t want a big house or a flash car or designer labels. But whenever I’ve thought I was doing a bad job at something, I’ve been terribly upset.

7. If a co-worker enters the building bad-tempered and terse, I assume it’s my fault. If a friend falls out of touch, I feel sure I must have offended them in some way. It’s a bad habit but I find it hard to relinquish the vigilance.

8. For years as a small child I was sick every Christmas Eve with excitement and would end up in tears at some point on Boxing Day at the prospect of another 364 days to wait. Yup, I was a Christmas nightmare.

I’m not at all sure who hasn’t done this now, as far as tagging goes. If I notice anyone hasn’t, I’ll tag them in their comments!

18 thoughts on “8 Random Things

  1. I’m so with you on #7 — I can’t help but feel guilty too, even if I KNOW whatever it is has nothing to do with me. #2 is true for me as well, although champagne is okay. I’ve gotten a bit better as I’ve gotten older, but, really, plainer food is often better.

  2. I, too coveted a Porsche when I was young. They have more or less lost their allure, though, and if faced with the unlikely dilemma of choosing a Cayman or my dream bike as a birthday present, I’d pick the bike. Now, if you offerred me a Lotus Elise, I’d have to sit down and think it over… Nah, the bike would still win.

  3. I can’t roll my r’s either!! And it’s so upsetting….especially since, when you tell people, the first thing they do is roll their r’s. If I could, I would seriously go to a speech pathologist to try to fix it. That way I could learn Spanish….or Portugese…or quite a few others I’m sure

  4. I’m with you on #2 as well! I am not really all that adventuresome when it comes to food. If it was up to me I would probably subsist on cereal, yogurt and sandwhiches! I would love to own a bookstore, too. I used to work in an independent one and I would always think–no, I would do it this way or come up with all sorts of schemes to get the likes of Stephen King to come sign books. Unfortunately they closed, and I will probably always be dependent on a job like the library for money. Still it’s nice to dream. Girlfriends are great. Nearly all mine have moved away–or now have families. It was so much easier meeting friends in school than it is nowadays!

  5. I’ll be doing my version soon. Meanwhile, our “soul sisterhood” (despite never having met in person) is absolutely clinched by your answers to this. The only one on which we’d disagree is #2, which will be showing up on mine as a love of rich, creamy foods. However, I’m not a big fan of champagne (at least I wasn’t, until I toured the Napa Valley and discovered what a $100-bottle of champagne tastes like. But then, that falls into the Porsche/materialism category…)

  6. I agree completely with the thought of oysters in #2, I just can’t eat rich creamy food, and champagne is disappointing, but perhaps I need to try the expensive stuff. As for #4, I’ve always wanted to run a bookshop (nearly bought one a while back) and a room of one’s own is essential (or at least a space with no TV).I too assume its my fault if someone is grumpy or in a mood so ditto #7.

  7. Dear Dorothy – I find it so comforting to think other people feel this way too! Thank you for that! Hobgoblin – oooh I hadn’t thought of the Lotus Elise, but now you mention it… Well let’s put it this way, if someone wanted to GIVE me one, I would probably cough up for the insurance. Eva – so glad to come across another blog friend with this deficiency! I learnt a little Spanish and always felt limited by it. I wonder which languages will provide us with a glut of unrolled r’s? Danielle – wouldn’t a bookstore be just great? I loved working in one, too. And I must say I have very much enjoyed finding some new blogging girl friends (like your good self), and indeed like Emily – there’s no other way to explain it, we were separated at birth! I’m looking forward to your answers to this, too. Booksplease – ah welcome to the club for people who worry about other people’s moods. It is reassuring not to be alone in this! And do say more about nearly buying a bookshop – that sounds so intriguing!

  8. I’ve always loved the idea of a cafe/bookshop…lots of roomy sofas, tea and books galore. Books everywhere. For sale, for rent, for borrow. I’d love that. (sigh) I’ll just keep dreaming and maybe someday….

  9. Love your answers. I’m a cheap date too, vegetables, even in a rich and creamy sauce, are not very expensive in general and if they are I can’t bring myself to pay a lot for vegetables. Yay for learning tango! When we first began ballroom dancing allowing my husband to lead was the hardest part. Sometimes we goof around and I try and dance the man’s part and my husband tries the woman’s part and we are suddenly reminded of the challenges and difficulties of each position and for a little while afterwards we are very nice to each other.

  10. Verbivore – of a bookshop AND a cafe – you are really speaking my language! Wouldn’t that be lovely? Stefanie – what a brilliant idea to swap places. That is something we absolutely must try. LK – how nice and equitable! I can see I must have a go at salsa next!

  11. The bookshop decision was very difficult, but buying it would have meant a complete upheaval and we just weren’t quite ready at that time to do that. The shop was small, probably too small to display many books and certainly no room to sit and browse, never mind have cups of tea. It was at the front of an old house, with an enclosed garden (lovely garden, but that was also a drawback as there was no access to the back except through the shop and house), but it was not in a very good place for people to stop and come in to browse etc. We also looked at another shop, with a cafe, but rejected that as well. I’ll think about posting about this some time, maybe.

  12. Loved this! I am beginning to wonder in general about the values of bloggers, at least litbloggers, and their tastes in food – I, like you and other posters, don’t like creamy foods, and champagne gives me a horrible headache. And S. and I have started earning more money and instead of buying things we keep dumping the extra into savings for a rainy day because we really don’t “need” anything.

    I think, since you and I both avoid bread and sugar, could easily agree on meals out – and I can roll my r’s and I know spanish, so I could be of help there :-).

  13. The car I longed for was an Alfa Romeo and I have abandoned that recently, though it is not such a large desire as a Porsche, I suppose. But I do love champagne, which is the only alcohol I ever drink (and that about 3 times a year at most).
    Nobody has tagged me, by the way, so I’m feeling rather left out!

  14. Booksplease – what a difficult decision! But it sounds like you made the right choice. Do blog on the story – I’d love to hear more about it. Courtney – oh I do like the idea of collaboration! And how lovely to find someone with a similar diet – we are so few and far apart! Harriet – consider yourself tagged immediately!(leave me your URL and I’ll come and tag you on your site).

  15. I just did this meme on my blog. I was tagged twice in three days! I didn’t mention food (except for Chocolate, which arguably is not a food but a gift from the Gods) although I am not a lover of rich foods, dry wines or oysters.

    Hey, I just noticed – your stats just hit exactly 90,000! Congratulations.

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