An Aspirational Meme


It’s been a while since I thought up a new meme, and since the days are short and dark and I just feel like hibernating, I thought I might take a moment to consider what would make life that bit better. Time to review the old year and prepare for the new one that’s coming.



What part of the past would you bring back if you possibly could?

The absolute peace of mind that came from a school holiday – no responsibilities, no bills to pay, no work hanging over me, just freedom.



What character trait would you alter if you could?

An undiscriminating reflex reaction to please. It gets me into more trouble than you would ever think possible.



Which skill would you like to have the time and energy to really work on?

My writing. It’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do, it’s the thing I feel I could be proud of one day, and I’m continually frustrated by it. I wouldn’t say no to parenting a little better either.



Are you money poor, love poor, time poor or freedom poor?

Time poor. If I could have a few more hours in a day, or even better, a few more weeks in a year, I’d be thrilled.



What element of your partner’s character would you alter if you could?

Controversial. I’d make him just a tad more noticing. So that, for instance, he might pick up some of the mess he’s stepping over on his way out to the garden.



What three things are you going to do next year that you’ve been meaning to do for ages but never got around to?

Learn Argentinian tango. Meditate daily. Learn how not to feel obliged to fill the holes in conversations.



If your fairy godmother gave you three wishes, what would you wish for?

A happy son.

Lots more energy.

A government I thought was doing a good job.



What one thing would you change about your living conditions?

I’d keep the house tidier and cleaner. Being surrounded by clutter does seem to clog up my brain, but I detest doing housework and there’s always an excuse to avoid it.



How could the quality of your free time be improved?

The trick is to think less. As soon as I’ve stopped actually doing things, I tend to start mentally planning the things I need to do next, not to mention reviewing and criticising all the things I’ve just done. It’s not at all relaxing. Feeling less guilty about not doing things wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.



What change have you made to your life recently that you’re most proud of?

Taking up blogging. It’s just been so much fun.


17 thoughts on “An Aspirational Meme

  1. Great meme! I’d like to learn Argentine tango sometime too but it isn’t part of the ballroom dance repetoire and it’s hard enough to keep up with those dances! I’ll have to think of some answers of my own 🙂

  2. I also will be stealing this meme – when I have worked out how to fill it in. Those are hard questions. As a sidelight, a couple of months ago I wrote a post I called “I am Bored so here is a quiz I did.” The use of the “B” word has led to it becoming the most visited page on my blog. Search engine results for the word “Bored” seem to track this article down. In some parts of the blogoshere, boredom seems to be a big part of the online experience. Bother – I think I have just written part of my blog entry for today!

  3. Looking forward very much to seeing your memes! I always feel more interested in other people’s answers than my own. Archie, I shall have to check out your bored quiz, and Sylvia, I have a tendency to over-plan. Did I mention this is directed towards 2008? 😀

  4. What a fun way to take stock — I do so like the idea of reviewing one’s progress like this. I particularly like the idea of giving some thought to what one likes (and liked) about the past and maybe trying to get more of that now. xo, BL

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  6. Great meme! I got it from Bookgirl and didn’t give you credit, so I’ll mention that in my next post. I would definitely learn something like the Argentinian Tango if I could. I’ve got a Brazilian Dance exercise tape and when I finish, I’m always smiling. It’s almost bizarrely uplifting.

  7. Your bit about not filling in the holes in a conversation made me laugh, because I have noticed I do that too. Worse still, I find myself doing it with a particular person who bores me! Thanks for putting it into words for me.

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